CPD - Screenwriter
See below for my completed feature-length scripts. If you would like to learn more, please don't hesitate to contact me.

CRIME  / SCENE          (thriller)

Caught in a time-loop, a bereaved detective revisits the same crime scene over and over until he can work out the killer- facing his own demons in the process.

THE LITTLE SALVATIONIST          (surreal drama)

A lonely man attempts to find purpose by working in a cancer hospital. Boring right..? Until a long-dead historical figure arrives with a message-:You will save the human race... By killing yourself.


After receiving a bizarre notebook from a tortured young woman, a failing author investigates a remote Scottish castle, shockingly finding that the sins of the past are being repeated.

MILLENNIALS          (Drama, Rom-Com)

A disparate assortment of millennials struggle to find a traditional relationship in the 21st Century dating scene.

ABOMINATION AUDIO          (horror)

A schizophrenic takes a wilderness vacation... Unaware he is near to a experimental weapons facility conducting illegal sound frequency tests. His plucky but naïve girlfriend must venture forth to save him before terrifyingly 'real' hallucinations damage his psyche beyond repair.


When a neighbour falls ill and she is forced to look after her cat, a deceitful career politicians outlook on her job is changed for better and for worse.

PSYCHONAUGHT          (Thriller)

After receiving a terrifying but surreal vision, a middle-aged slob loser must work out the meaning before the world ends, fixing his own life in the process.

RISING STAKES          (Thriller)

The story of a straight-up guys dissent into gambling addiction- to the point he is playing poker with the mob with his life on the line.

SPACE DOGS          (Action Adventure)

A crew of interstellar canines rebel for their freedom after finding out their adventures have been purely for human entertainment.

BREXIT!          (Drama)

We follow three young candidates as they scheme against one another to obtain a lucrative executive post. It's The Apprentice... But more murderous!

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