CPD - Screenwriter
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A little about me...
In 2008 I started work on a novel. It was terrible. The thought of me hawking it around the creative writing department at Salford University makes me cringe with embarrassment.


I knew my idea was interesting. And I had many of them. The format was the problem. Being a lover of film I finally looked into how they are made... And so here I am.

Shoot me a premise and I'll do something interesting with it.

I've written a family-friendly Space Dogs adventure movie with a Matrix-style twist.

I based the surreal story for Saudade on the Kübler-Ross 5 stages of grief.

My most ambition project- Millennials- A hybrid of Love Actually and Magnolia. Intertwining stories of love in a modern, harsh world.

The Little Salvationist- A coming of age story set in a cancer hospital. It sounded too formulaic. Seen it all before... So I set it in an alternate, bizarre universe.

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My protagonists are not the norm.

I write female leads that are neither 'strong women' nor 'manic pixie girls'- see You'll Never Sleep Again for the story of Chloe Redbridge, an aging, depressed author whose best work may be behind her, searching for one final success.

Millennials features Angelique, a female professor struggling with Multiple Sclerosis, looking for an intelligent man who will look past the chair. Faye, a middle-aged woman worrying about life passing by. And Jo, a young transgendered Muslim searching for acceptance

The cast for Rising Stakes is 95% black/Asian-origin. And for Space Dogs... Well, I write for canines too.

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